Links Back to the Week That Was 7/13

A couple sales which were just waiting to close finally did this week.  Kudos to Dani, Emma, Michelle, Paul and Tiffany, Keith and Sonja, and Pat for hanging in there and not making any rash decisions about moving and staying and rescinding, etc.  From the minute I got into this business my least favorite aspect is that I can’t control every aspect of it.  Heavy sigh.

And another high price gas casualty – moving companies.  Calling on old friends and buying pizza for everyone is much cheaper than paying a company to move you.

West Richland is growing up, and it might be time the residents have their own ambulance service, as per this article in the Herald.

Heck, the whole area is growing up – even Sen. Murray is paying attention to us.

And this week contained some huge news about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, government-sponsored enterprises that loan tons of money for houses.  IF they fail, and IF our beloved government bails them out, then interest rates might go back up to where they were when my parents bought the house where I grew up – double digits, for crying out loud. It might happen, it might not, but this week brought all kinds of stock fears – read more here, here, and here.  The last ‘here’ links to something written in 2003, and eerily expresses concern over the situation we might be embroiled in now.

Finally, at a loss trying to find Wi-Fi so you can check things out online?  Wear this shirt and then just look down!

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