West Richland, the fourth of the Tri-Cities

New Sign

While showing relocating clients around the Tri-Cities I’ll mention different areas of Richland – central Richland, south Richland, north Richland. I also bring up West Richland. I guess when you hear it and don’t see that capital W at the front, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t know that West Richland is its own little city, and not just a part of Richland.

It began as a bedroom community to Richland, which itself was sort of a bedroom community for Hanford. Over fifty years later, West Richland now has its own grocery store, several gas stations, banks, liquor store, library, schools, parks, playgrounds, little league and soccer fields, and houses of worship. And three, count ’em, THREE traffic lights. Plus, I live there 🙂

A small negative is that there is no great retail sector, so the tax dollars are not necessarily rolling in. Some people claim that the WR police are therefore rather quick to ticket. I would say that that might be true. I know a few of the speed traps, and I’ve certainly been ticketed more than once hurrying to or from the kids’ schools. But I’ve been let off with only a warning on Bombing Range Rd. and S. Highlands Blvd., too. Obey posted limits and the rules of the road and you’ll be fine, I’m sure.

There was a big to-do about a year ago about the name of the city. Some people wanted to change it to Red Mountain, in order to capitalize on the neighboring Red Mountain viticultural area. I dislike the name Red Mountain almost as much as I dislike the name West Richland. It was once named Enterprise. That’s kind of cool. No one asked me, but I’d name the city Westbridge if it were up to me.


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